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Soon, this portal will be your ultimate web guide for Samothrace.

For the moment we will provide you here with some useful information, so you can start planning your trip.


In Samothrace there are plenty of hotels, rooms for rent and private houses. Click here to see some of our recommendations!

For the nature lovers, there are the Municipality-run Free Living Campsite and the Organised Campsite situated approximately 2 km from Therma. Free camping is prohibited. Please select one of the two campsites on offer.

How to get here

Samothrace is connected to the city of Alexandroupoli and Lemnos Island with multiple ferry itineraries. Click here to book your ferry ticket.

The closest airports are:

Alexandroupoli (AXD), Lemnos (LXS), Kavala – KVA (137 km), Thessaloniki – SKG (320km)


Municipality, Tourism Committee | +30 25513 50800

Samothrace Guide

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